5 Reasons to Study Abroad After 10th Class

Are you interested in studying overseas after graduating from high school for higher education? If you answered yes, you have a good chance of realizing your desire to study abroad after class 10. You will need competent help for this, thus it is recommended that you visit a professional education counselor to study abroad after 10th class.

They can give you vital information regarding finance requirements, academic percentage cut-offs, and IELTS exam band requirements if applicable for your selected degree. Though there are many enticing reasons to consider studying in a foreign institute beyond ten, let’s examine five of the most compelling arguments below.

Why Should You Study Abroad After 10th?

There are different factors that encourage you to pursue your after-high school career in foreign universities.

Easy and Quick Learning

When it comes to taking the IELTS test exams to study abroad after 10th, the majority of Indian students struggle. In most situations, especially after the 12th standard, they must score a minimum of 6 bands for each module. However, if you decide to study overseas after 10th grade, you may have an advantage because the band requirement for many courses is rather low. There are additional courses that do not require IELTS at all for Indian students who have completed their 10th grade. 

In Cities like Jalandhar, IELTS fees are affordable. You may easily meet band criteria to become a certified candidate for obtaining a ticket to study abroad by enrolling in IELTS Coaching in Jalandhar. It will also assist you with learning English at an early stage in your scholastic career, which will provide you with a firm foundation on which to improve your grammatical abilities. It can also help overcome language hurdles for further education at a foreign institution or university.

Create a Solid Foundation

There is no question that attending a foreign high school will help you build a strong foundation for admission to competitive institutions. For example, if you study business in high school in the United Kingdom, you will have a better chance of getting into premier institutions such as Oxford or Cambridge to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business. When you graduate from high school with honors, universities will provide you with special treatment, making it easier for you to pursue higher study without hindrance. There are some amazing courses after 10th in abroad offered by these eminent universities.

Practical Work

In India, the majority of academic education is centered on theoretical study, which does not assist students in gaining substantial practical knowledge. The international education system, on the other hand, is unique in that it emphasizes pragmatism. As a result, as a starting learner, you may gain practical experience. As a result, while studying at a foreign high school, you may take advantage of a big chance to learn via practical work by attending workshops, live projects, and seminars, among other things, which will help you get actual skills that will help you develop a strong profession in the future.

Financial Independence While Attending School

While studying abroad, you may be able to find a job for a set amount of time each week or month. It will provide you with financial independence since you will be able to become self-sufficient and organize finances for higher education. International students can also apply for a wide range of scholarships to study abroad after 10th in nations like the United Kingdom and Canada. By meeting the appropriate qualifying criteria, you can get financial help from schools or universities. It will give you more confidence and make you more optimistic about continuing your academic career without any problems.

Better Job Possibilities

Your decision to study abroad after matriculation will be admired by professionals in Jalandhar because it will improve your job possibilities. Obtaining your high school and college diplomas from foreign educational institutions would enhance your CV and increase your chances of landing a decent job in your profession. Employers may give you an advantage in the form of first preference if you have both a high school diploma and a degree, as opposed to people having just a diploma.


These are the five compelling reasons why you should consider for study abroad after 10th class. Studying abroad will not only provide you with a better professional opportunity but also a better way of life. However, before moving overseas, you should improve your communication abilities. The view is expansive, and with the aid of the top IELTS center in Jalandhar, you can meet any language proficiency standards that may be necessary.


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