Factors Affecting the Salary of a Fashion Designer in India

Fashion design has become a booming field in the past several decades. Today, numerous people choose fashion designing as a career option. Sadly, not every fashion designer enjoys the same degree of fame, money, and glory. What is it that makes a fashion designer earn handsome pay, while another struggles to meet the ends? In other words what contributes to the salary of a fashion designer in India.

What Factors affect the salary of a Fashion Designer?

Although there are a host of factors that decide the salary of a fashion designer in India, we have put together a list of factors that employers/clients take into consideration before zeroing in on the pay of a fashion designer:


Pursuing a bachelor’s in fashion designing or related field from a top Indian university offers a high scale in comparison to completing the same course from colleges with distance learning programs.  However, education combined with skills and knowledge can be said to be a better parameter for determining the pay of a fashion designer. In present times, the rapidly growing demand for creative fashion designers has led to the establishment of a plethora of fashion design institutes in India. Thus, employers look for a professional qualification while collaborating with fashion designers. Having a degree cannot be compensated for a lack of knowledge about the field.


The fashion industry is fabled for its trends. To keep abreast of the industry customs, aspirants can take up certification courses or additional courses from reputed universities across India. These courses define the uniqueness of a professional and also, help them in commanding a higher pay for a designing job. The more certifications, the better impression it creates on the clients.


The growth of a fashion designer is immensely related to the place at which it works. For example, a fashion designer working at a major production house has a chance of raking up more than someone who is employed at a local fashion label. Furthermore, the cities in which the designers choose to work influence how much they would be earning. In a city like Mumbai or other metropolitan cities, a fashion designer is likely to gain wide exposure, and therefore, he/she will have good money coming out of the projects.

Years of Experience

Every person begins from zero, and as the years advance, he/she tends to have enhanced knowledge and experience in any field. Therefore, a fashion designer who has several work experiences added to his resume will outshine a budding designer who has nothing significant to add to her CV. So, don’t fret even if you start at a low pay scale, chances are that you will make more money in the future. But you must put in hard work and dedication to prove your caliber.


If you have the knowledge, but no skill on how to apply it in your work, you will not make it big in fashion design. You must remember that skills are not innate, they are built with consistency, patience, and perseverance. So, keep working on being better every day. Because this progress speaks a lot of you as an individual and professional.


A fashion designer’s work is not easy, he is constantly on the go thinking of refreshing ideas that will appeal to the clients or end-users. Skills, capabilities, and creativity play a huge role in shaping a profession in any field.


Regardless of where you are in your journey, have a belief in your abilities and yourself. Keep growing as that is the only way forward. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Hope you liked this blog. Feel free to connect with our team of proficients in case of any queries.


Editorial Team of Mera Xaam.

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