European University, Georgia: Advantages, Fees, Hostels And Ranking

Studying Abroad might be one’s dream, but as an obstacle, a student may not find suitable and updated details. Here is a write-up about the Best Medical University in Georgia, The European University of Georgia. Readers must find related aspects within it.

European University, Georgia

For higher Education, preference is often given to abroad studies, and reasons such as the best facilities, accommodation, and hi-tech study equipment form the basis of such preference. How can a University from Europe providing such facilities lag in Education? So, Universities in European countries have become the primary priority of a student to carry on their upper studies.

Although many prominent and reputable Universities are renowned in European countries, only a few universities are famous worldwide; one is European University, which is situated in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

European University Tbilisi

Established in 2011, European University is in Tbilisi, Georgia’s Capital City. It is one of the prominent private institutions that has led to success for numberless students. Studying in such a reputable institution might be one’s desire because it offers numerous advantages and facilities to the students. The European University of Georgia is equipped with Faculties Of Medicine, Faculties Of Law, and Faculty Of Business And Technology, thus attracting aspirants worldwide.

Why Study MBBS At East European University?

East European Universities are recognized Worldwide for their quality education and facilities that suit students’ desires and pockets. Pursuing a graduation from any University in East European University allows students to access exceptional facilities such as:

  • Cheaper Fees
  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Scholarships Opportunity
  • Part-time Job Opportunities
  • Top Notch Mentorship

Study MBBS In European Countries

Suppose it is a matter of pursuing a medical degree abroad; in that case, foreign destinations, predominantly East European countries, are preferred, and this is because most East European countries do not lack the quality of medical Education. At the same time, their Educational service is top-notch, and they are provided with state-of-the-art facilities.

Apart from these all, a big reason for the attraction of international students lies in some of the primary facilities of these universities such as quality education, cultural richness, peaceful environment, state of the art infrastructure as well as facilities including laboratories and libraries, opportunities for a part-time job, lower tuition fee and much more.

Study MBBS At European University, Georgia

The European University in Tbilisi possesses such medical education facilities, due to which it is claimed to be one of the country’s best educational destinations. MBBS is such a craved degree that almost every student from a science background desires it. Moreover, an MBBS from a European university is more straightforward than a competitive country like India.

Pursuing an MBBS At the European University can benefit a student, even if they are an international student. Pursuing an MBBS At European University, Georgia, allows claiming several facilities that can considerably contribute to advancing an aspirant’s career.

Why Should You Study MBBS At European University?

Although European countries are prevalent in the world for providing Education in the medical field, Georgia has some unique facilities that attract students to graduate in the medical field. The points below highlight the Advantages Of Pursuing An MBBS From the European University.

  1. For international students, MBBS tuition at the European University, Georgia, is given in English so that no language barrier can be imposed on them.
  2. The tuition fee to pursue a course like MBBS at European University is very low compared to the tuition fees of universities in numerous other countries.
  3. Along with providing affordable Education, European University also pays heed to high-quality medical Education.
  4. Suppose a student obtains an MBBS degree from the European University in Georgia; in that case, that student can practice medicine in any country because the European University’s degree is recognized worldwide.
  5. The European University of Georgia provides state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and a well-maintained student-teacher ratio to serve students sincerely.

European University Tbilisi Fees

European University is an affordable option for an international student as the fee structure of this medical university is as follows:

A student has to spend 5000$, around 4 Lac Indian Rupee, on tuition fees in a year; apart from this, their hostel fee can cost around $ 3,000 depending on the type of accommodation and sharing, excluding additional expenses.

Fees For Indian Students

If an Indian student goes to a European University in Georgia to pursue graduation (MBBS), they can pursue it at a lower cost than in India.

On an estimation, an Indian student will have to spend around INR 5 to 6 lakh in a year on tuition fees for MBBS, whereas the same student will have to bear the cost of around INR 2 lakh to INR 3 lakh as hostel fees and INR 50,000 for additional expenses.

Hostels At European University

European University, Georgia, and its quality education have also made exquisite arrangements to accommodate international students. Numerous hostels can be found near the university campus where international students can avail their accommodation. Their facilities are as follows:

  • In the University’s hostel facility, the requirements of the students of each particular country are very well taken care of, and the hostel arranges their accommodation accordingly. Apart from this, a special consultant has also been made available in the hostel for students from other countries who will be citizens of the same country they belong to.
  • In the European University of Georgia’s hostels, international students are provided with two occupant rooms and four occupant rooms with personal beds. Apart from that, they also get the facilities of utilities as per the weather conditions such as refrigerator, AC, heater, etc.
  • Separate cupboards and lockers are also provided to the students in the hostel to safely keep the things they need in their personal space.
  • Apart from all these, facilities like a kitchen and washing room are also available in the University’s hostels.
  • European University, Georgia, can be a good choice for Indian students because Indian food is readily available there.
  • Apart from food, an Indian Origin Consultant Guide is also available in the hostel, due to which Indian students do not have to face any problems related to their facilities.

European University ranking

However, most of the universities in Georgia have been awarded good ranks by reputable firm QS; regarding reference, students must check out the latest UniRank of the University they are choosing for their further studies.

What Is The World Ranking Of European University, Georgia 2024?

The world ranking of the European University is 8042 in 2024.

Is European University recognized?

Yes, The European University of Georgia is recognized via multiple federations that hold value, such as NMC, WHO, WFME, and MCC.


Overall, the European University in Georgia provides a peaceful atmosphere in terms of Education, and medical degrees can be obtained from this University in a very affordable manner. The hostel arrangements are also exquisite; hence, students will be fine receiving their Education. Hopefully, readers found this post engaging regarding their queries about European University, Georgia, and related aspects. Make sure to stay connected with us to read such helpful posts about studying abroad.


  • Is European University, Georgia, recognized?

European University is fully recognized and has received accreditation via WHO, NMC, MCC, and WFME.

  • What Programs Are Offered at European University, Georgia?

It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine, business, law, and much more.

  • Is The MBBS Degree Obtained From European University, Georgia Recognized Worldwide?

Yes, the MBBS degree obtained at European University is recognized worldwide, and students’ job prospects are available worldwide after graduation.

  • What Is The Admission Procedure For European University, Georgia?

Generally, the admission process is similar to that of most other universities in Georgia, including completing an online application, attaching all the documents and submitting them, and the application fees. After approval, an offer letter is sent to the student, and they must start their journey.

  • What Is The Language Offered In Educational Programs By University Of Georgia?

The English language is generally offered to provide educational programs at the University.

  • What Is The Annual Fee For MBBS at European University, Georgia?

An annual fee to pursue an MBBS at European University costs up to $6000.

  • Does European University, Georgia Provides Accommodation And Hostel Facilities?

Yes, it provides accommodation and hostel facilities where students from more than 60 countries come to pursue their careers.

  • Is NEET Qualification Mandatory for MBBS Admission In The European University, Georgia?

Yes, qualifying for the NEET exam is mandatory for MBBS in European Universities.

  • Is Indian Food Available At the University of Georgia?

Yes, Indian food is readily available there.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Go To European University, Tbilisi?

To go to European University, a student has to bear the cost of travelling, and apart from it, they are required to spend approximately US $9000, including tuition fees, hostel fees, and some additional expenses.


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