Key Objectives of Educational Technology in Education System

When we all talk about technology in the education sector, it is used for the purpose of reviving and encouraging specific objectives in student life. Technology we all find everywhere, humans and machines both have their individual roles and work as a supplement to each other in the methodology of education.

Technological improvement in the world via the creation of mobile, internet, and other wireless devices supports us to extend our education sector. It is the methods and approaches which guide the educational objectives. Here, in this article, we will try to understand the key objectives of educational technology & its role in the education system.

What is the main purpose of educational technology?

Education Technology is also defined as Ed Tech. It is the process of learning for students with the combination of hardware or software technology and their educational theories. It not only supports theoretical knowledge from several fields such as educational sociology, computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and communication. But also, it helps to learn via various methods such as computer-based learning, online learning sites, and other mobile technology.

Responsibility of Educational Facilitators

When we talk about the responsibility of facilitators in educational technology, they plan, construct, and create effective learning conditions and range of experience by helping technology. There are some responsibilities given below:

  • They plan and design some learning environments and experiences using technology for students and create efficient instruction and learning environments.
  • Knowledge of technologies obtainable for use in instructional environments.
  • Estimate the precision and usefulness of technical resources for the skill development of students.
  • Coordinate the growth and execution of the comprehensive staff development plan for the use of instructional technology.
  • Responsibility of its facilitators to build administration plans for student learning in a technology-enhanced environment.

Importance & Objectives of Educational Technology

Here are the key importance of educational technologies:

  1. To systemize the learning method and the techniques in the contemporize courses and familiarize the trainee with the basic realities of the community edition.
  2. To bring a desirable transformation of change in the conduct of teachers and pupils by modifying the teaching, learning, and evaluation system according to the requirements of a condition.
  3. To provide educators with critical planning and designing skills for operating and give a professional the learning process.
  4. To introduce the learner to the pervasiveness and excellence of educational technology in the modern world.
  5. To help human beings in their steady improvement by supplying various skills for solving the most complex problems.

Functions of Educational Technology Macro Level

These are some vital functions of the use of technology at the macro level

  • To identify the educational needs and academic aspirations of the community.
  • To understand the system of education board processes and its objectives.
  • To develop a relevant curriculum with the relations of science, design, and human values.
  • To create proper assets and instruments supporting educational pursuits.
  • To develop some teaching-learning models to improve the approach to educating the students and children.
  • To recognize and discover remedies to venture major environmental restrictions.
  • To handle the entire educational academy starting from preparing the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the system.

Functions of Educational Technology at Micro Level

These are the important functions of educational technology at the micro-level:

  • To recognize the characteristics of the students and to understand the educational requirements consequently.
  • To determine and express the exact behavioral classroom purposes is the major part of the objectives of educational technology.
  • To examine the scope to be challenging and set them in the hierarchy of sequence.
  • To find out the nature of the relations of subsystems like the teacher, students, the content of pedagogy teaching-learning material add additional processes.
  • To plan the service of tricks to be tough to the student and to use the available material aids for acquiring the definite classroom intent.
  • To evaluate every student’s behavioral modification and implementation to specify the significance of classroom teaching.
  • To give useful feedback to the learners as well as the teacher.

Smart Goals for Technology in Education

The main learning objectives of educational technology are the mode of teaching. It has great importance in a thickly populated budding country like India where mass education is in significant need with limited resources. There is some important scope of education technology.

  • It makes the teaching-learning procedure easier and more efficient.
  • Electronics instruments can be readily operated for the educational requirement of the students.
  • It enhances the learning strategy for students with the help of teaching resources, program instructed material. Also, it can assist students in developing reading skills.
  • A standard medium like television, radio, computer, mobile phone, the internet can be used to impart space and resemblance education.
  • The improvement of the internet has expanded education dissemination all over the world with comfort.


Educational technology is a vibrant, developed, and important mechanism in the field of education for all pupils. It modifies and analyzes the various types of teaching and learning with inspiring principles and laws of modern psychology, sociology, engineering, administration theories, and other physical and social sciences. As discussed above the objectives of educational technology, create educational efficiency by developing a new method of education according to the need of learners renovating the whole system of education considering the essentials of the learner. Besides the classroom, it plays a vital role in the entire school environment, educational administration, and educational reference.


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