How to Crack Any Competitive Exam with Ease?

Every year several aspirants or students appear for various competitive examinations to make a career as banking professionals, government officials, engineers, or to get admission into reputed institutions like IIMs, IITs, NITs, AIIMS, etc. The level of competition in these exams is getting very intense year by year and making it tough for students to know how to crack any competitive exam.

When it comes to getting success in the exams, everyone is in top gear and is left no rock unturned to get into the aspired job, institute, and course. But there is only a number of seats available to the larger number of people. In order to achieve excellence among their competitors, they need to edge them in every field.

These exams are a promise for several youngsters looking for admissions to the prestigious institute. For others, it gives them a chance to be a part of the administrative machinery of Government, through which they would like to be the changes they want to see. Here in this educational guide, we discuss in detail the answer to one of the most asked questions i.e. how to crack competitive exams?

Importance of Competitive Exams

The significance or importance of any competitive exam depends on various factors that encourage people to prepare for competitive exams. These factors vary from exam to exam and person to person. Some of these factors are:

  • To get admission into a prestigious institute or university.
  • Enroll in a popular degree program or diploma course.
  • To qualify in the recruitment examination of Government jobs.
  • Pass the entrance exams for participating in any co-curricular or extracurricular activities.

How to Crack Any Competitive Exam?

Cracking & passing the competitive exam is a dream of many students who prepare for competitive exams. Well, it’s not a big deal to crack. If certain strategies are followed, then you can sail through these exams. So if you’re preparing for competitive exams, then why not try the following tips:

1. Know Your Exam

It’s the most important part that students or aspirants ignore occasionally. Knowing the pattern and syllabus of the exam is the footstep in the competitive exam preparation. It is recommended to know the entire syllabus, question paper pattern, marking system, study material, etc. Go through with previous year’s question papers to know your exam pattern and plan your study accordingly to for how to crack any competitive exam in the first attempt.

2. Make Your Study-Plan

As a first step, make a Study plan keeping in mind what you want to achieve in the short-term and long term. You should develop a competitive exam strategy and set your goals with the proper consideration of time and other resources. You must consider a few points while making a study plan such as building your basic concept, assigning more time to difficult subjects, creating a time-table & fixing study hours, scheduling study breaks, etc.

3. Time Management

A sound study plan means half of the job is completed. However, making a study plan is easy but difficult to follow to prepare for competitive exam. Make sure you follow the study plan rigorously and be disciplined in your study. It is wise to manage your time efficiently to crack competitive exams.

Proper time management will boost your competitive exam preparation. You should avoid distractions in your daily routine and allocate your time for study & recreation activities. You should try to make the optimum use of your time without compromising your study time.

4. Check Your Progress

Evaluating & Assessing yourself in a timely manner is crucial for effective exam preparation. There are many online portals where you can find free sample papers and previous year’s question papers. You should attempt these papers and give mock tests to check your progress in exam preparation. Also, you can fix weekly targets until the date of your final examination and track your weekly & monthly goals.

5. Motivation & Health

You should remain motivated during the entire journey of competitive exam preparation. You can talk to your teachers, seniors, family members and get motivation from them. Always remember that motivation will always inspire you to attain your goals & give answers to queries like how to crack any competitive exam in the first attempt. You should have confidence in yourself & your efforts. If you have prepared wholeheartedly throughout the year, you won’t have to ruin through rush and stress.

As much as studying is important, taking care of your health also is an equal part of it. Having stress during exam preparation is not advisable. You need to take a study break and do a little bit of exercise or any physical activity and meditation to improve your concentration.


Irrespective of the examination you are aiming to crack, here, this article shared advice & tips for how to crack any competitive exam that will surely help you. You remember to stay positive & motivated and focus on your preparation. You should pick the right resources, manage time properly, and prepare a strategy to clear the exam with flying colors and emerge as a top scorer.


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