How Many Number of Words Can be Found in a Work of Literature?

The most frequently used suggestion for setting up a writing schedule is to establish daily (or daily or) word goals. This means, instead of recommending writing three chapters or 10 pages every week, it is recommended to determine the number of words that we need to write every day. I really like this method since I believe it’s more precise than chapters or pages. The average runner won’t claim “I ran ten lanes today” or “it’s a one hour and forty-minute run”. The only way to make sense is to measure it in miles. We writers, however, have the word as a measurement unit. measurement.

Additionally noting the words we use used in the text helps us analyze the entire text in order to know how long we’ve got to the finish line and more importantly, what category it should be placed as the number of words can also indicate the kind of work we’re dealing with.

Note: The data listed below are general estimates and statistics based on the vast majority of works published but doesn’t suggest that we must follow these rules. There are short stories that are ten thousand or more words more than normal or work that is that are so long they can make you feel dizzy just thinking about them. Consider the following information to understand what they are an example of what’s more typical to come across published.

A little less than 500 words

The shortest type of fiction that is narrative is called the micro-story while its length could differ and could be up fifty hundred or more words, its length usually is between five and two hundred words.

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Between 500 to 18,000 words

The short stories section is comprised of stories similar to those that we have in our writing class. These are more comprehensive stories than the ones in the earlier section, but they do not have the complex nature of novels.

Between 20 to 20,000 Words

We are now in the genre of novels. In this instance, we’re talking about the short novel, which is a genre where the settings, stories, as well as characters, develop more extensively, however in a less restricted manner as compared to the traditional novel. For example, in a short novel, there are usually no subplots.

Short reading novels are a good example. His work The Old Man and the Sea Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

A little more than 80,000 word

Then, we get at the novel that is straight, which is the most difficult genre to categorize by word count because there is no upper limit, and based on the nature of the novel, the length may differ greatly.

For instance, juvenile or romance novels are typically shorter, whereas fantasy or historical novels are permitted (sometimes even required) in length.

When publishing a novel written by a first-time author it is common for publishers to choose novels that span between 80,000-130,000 words.

It is statistically based data, but there will always be exceptions to this general rule. Consider it a reference however, in the end, it’s important that the narrative be the length the story needs to convey.

Last Remark

As you might have noticed it is true that there are some gaps that aren’t addressed. For instance, there is a gap between 18,000 and 20000 words. What’s the reason? In fact, as I said in my post the word count is a typical estimate of the most commonly used words in the publishing industry. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t stories with 19,000 words or novels of 79,900.

In addition, the word count isn’t mathematical. This means that when one story has 19,999 words while another is 20,000, that doesn’t mean that it is a shorter story, and the latter is a novella. There is a space for maneuvering where the genre will be determined by the writing style and the resources used in the story.

What do you consider? Do you typically consider the number of words used when writing?


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