Best Strategy to Clear SSC CGL Examination: How to Prepare for SSC CGL Exam?

SSC CGLE(Combined Graduate Level Exam) is the most famous government job recruitment exam. Every year lakhs of students appear in the SSC CGL exam. They prepare hard and try hard to get their dream job through SSC CGL exam. Here in this education blog, we will discuss the right strategy to clear SSC CGL examination. So that all the students who are preparing for the SSC CGL exam can clear this exam with a good rank.

Few Tips to Clear SSC CGL Examination with Ease

Here are few tips that will help you to crack SSC CGL exam with flying color.

1.  Always do practice with a timer on

As you all know that SSC CGL is an exam where they check your speed and accuracy. If you are not good at speed then you will not be able to attempt all the questions because you get only 40 seconds to attempt a question to clear the SSC CGL examination. If you really want to clear SSC CGL examination then you should always solve questions at your home using a timer just put your mobile on airplane mode and put the timer on every 30 minutes. You should be doing 30 questions followed by 10 minutes break and again 30 minutes and 30 questions followed by 10 minutes break. And, in this way, you will be able to build your speed for the SSC CGL examination. We have seen many times students take speed for granted and they do not understand that one has to build the speed over time. They cannot solve the question directly in the exam just like any other match where the sports person performs in the game but practices 10 times more in the same way at his home ground.

2. Focus more on mock test series

Again, a very important aspect when you want to clear the prestigious SSC CGL examination for various government job exams. You cannot take things for granted and prepare at your home thinking that you will directly attempt the questions in the exam because solving questions is one thing but to get the exam temperament is another thing. Just like speed and accuracy exam temperament is also built with practice the more question papers you solve the more exam temperament you build which helps you while you give the exam again. We would like to quote the same example before an athlete takes the test he practices many such games at his home ground so that he can build that playing temperament.

3. Join a good SSC coaching institute

No matter what in any profession you always need a mental who can guide you in the right way. So that all your efforts and all your hard works convert into results. It is the job of a good SSC CGL coaching in Delhi that they should guide you the right way on how to prepare for SSC CGL examination so that your efforts can convert into results. Many times we have seen students simply do hard work without understanding the right way to do it. Once you have doubts then your mind is always there to clear your doubts and most importantly he keeps a check on the discipline as well so that you put your efforts towards SSC CGL examination in a consistent manner.

4. Give more exams before SSC CGL exam

As we all know that SSC CGL exam happens once a year and we do not want you to attempt directly that paper. Instead, you should also be giving various other papers like banking exams Delhi Police exams Railways exams LIC FCI and other government job exams. So, you can develop the real exam temperament so that before you have appeared for SSC CGL. Since you have already appeared for many other government job exams that will help you in understanding and clearing the exam in an easy way. This is also true that all the students who prepare for SSC CGL exam also look forward to other government jobs like banking jobs Railways jobs Delhi police jobs. Basically giving exams of various other exams will also create a backup option for you so that in case you are unable to clear SSC CGL examination you at least have some other government job in your hand.

5. Always give priority to shortcuts and tricks

We understand that many times students just do the questions in their mind thinking that they will make an equation in the exam and we will get the answer. But the reality is that once you make the equation it becomes difficult to solve and sometimes the TDS process leads to wrong answers. Basically students and the wasting time and getting the wrong answer. On the other hand, if a student focuses on shortcuts and tricks then he can clear the exam not only with accuracy but he will be able to attempt many more questions. He will end up doing questions in a more accurate way and in a speed way. But the problem is to go to shortcuts and tricks you need to have a complete understanding of the concepts. First, it is just like driving a sports car but before you drive a sports car you need to learn the normal car. So as an SSC CGL student you should understand the concepts but focus on shortcuts and tricks so that you can clear the exam.

6. SSC CGL exam attempting strategy

Many times we have seen that students often are good at doing questions when they are at home but in the exam there unable to attempt questions. Because they’re attempting strategy is not good as far as to clear SSC CGL examination is concerned the basic rule is that we do the subjects in order of their time taking priority. That means we will be attempting the general studies first because doing 25 questions of general studies hardly take 5 minutes followed by English. Since English is also really fast to do followed by reasoning which may take a little time and at the last, we will do the math. If we get stuck in any of the questions of math we are still able to clear the cutoff for the exam. If you follow exam attempting strategy this way you will end up attempting all the exam questions and getting good marks. Because if you do the opposite and try to attempt math first you will end up taking a lot of time to do the math and you will create pressure on yourself due to which your accuracy will suffer.


We hope the above points must have helped all the students preparing for SSC CGL examination. We want more and more students should clear SSC CGL examination so that we can have good students joining the Indian government jobs and serving the nation with great knowledge and intelligence.


Editorial Team of Mera Xaam.

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