What Are The Career Opportunities After Completing PGDM?

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a 2-year diploma program offered by many recognized B-Schools.

There are AICTE-approved MBA colleges that offer such courses. It is very popular among students seeking higher studies and a career in the management field.

To proceed with this course one must have a Bachelor’s degree certificate or anything equivalent to that.

Best PGDM colleges consider students with 50% marks only. However, the aggregate score may vary among colleges.

Once having PGDM, you can explore these different career opportunities after completing PGDM course.

Top 10 Career Opportunities After Completing PGDM Course

If a person pursues their course from some top colleges, he can get placed in various sectors like finance, marketing, and many more. These some amazing career opportunities after completing PGDM are.

1. Accountant

If an aspirant wants to grow as an accountant he should specialize in finance. An accountant helps a firm save money, manage financial operations and maximize its profits.

Their acquired skills & financial command help them to take the right decision at the right time.

Be it govt sector, private organizations, non-profitable firms or any educational institute every business sector requires the services of an accountant.

Also, Accountant as career is not just a career option after commerce, but you can build your career after having PGDM.

2. Financial Advisor

Every firm needs an advisor for financial operations to grow more. They suggest insurance and investment policies one should apply.

They also advise retirement policies for individuals. By 2028 this profession is likely to grow by 7%.

A course in PGDM in finance lets them find new strategies and discover potent clients to make a stronger working network.

Aspirants who have intense knowledge in consultation can get placed in renowned companies like Deloitte, PWC, E&Y etc. and gelling pain well.

3. Banker & Insurance Broker

A course in finance from best management college in Delhi can also place aspirants into the banking and insurance sector. An insurance broker is a career that a finance graduate seeks widely.

A person in the banking industry can extend their career in investment banking, wealth and bank management and personal banking. They can get placed in both large investment and personal banks.

4. Manager

Students who completed their PGDM from some reputed MBA Colleges mostly get placed in this position. The position of a project manager is widely sought in the IT industry.

Students from management backgrounds can utilize resources properly and with that, they can handle any Enterprise.

On the other hand, students from a marketing background know the demand and market prices of any product, and with that, they can prepare powerful strategies to beat their competitors. With these influential strategies, organizations can maximize their profit. It’s one of the best career opportunities after completing PGDM course.

5. Director of Market Research & Sales

To sell any product it is essential to understand buyer persona and for that, today’s new age companies are relying on expert data interpreters.

The profession of Market Research Director has become the 11th best business by Forbes. People with strong statistical skills are a good fit for this profile.

Also, with a degree in marketing, PGDM students became eligible for leading sales and upgrade policies to attract new customers to the firm.

Leadership skills, the ability to make decisions and a calculative attitude are necessary to fulfil the duties of this position.

6. HR Consultant and Officer

It is a widely desired profession in India. Many students, who graduated from best PGDM colleges are posted in HRM.

The responsibilities of an HR officer includes looking after employment condition, wages of employees, rewards, negotiation with other agencies, maintaining equality and creating diversity, implementing new policies for staff and business associates etc.

Again, an HR Consultant helps a company to reach its target by analyzing the current situation of the company and recommending a necessary game plan. You can choose HR domain as career opportunities after completing PGDM course.

7. Recruitment and Training Executive

People with good leadership and relationship-building skills are adequate for this position. The Prime duty of a recruitment executive is to file new openings and the duty of a training or development officer is to train the new workforce of an organization. Also, you can work as Recruiter in different recruitment agencies.

It is important to have a positive personality to hold onto this position. A development officer is supposed to train new minds through fieldwork, and functional knowledge and motivate them to fulfil their duty skillfully. Leadership quality is important for this job role.

8. Data Scientist

Data science is one of the most demanded sectors in today’s age. A person with statistics, programming knowledge, and skills in research are appropriate for this job. To become a data scientist one must be a person of numbers.

Specializing in Business analytics will open the doors to a career in data science. Data analysts evolve graphs and help to take business-related decisions by presenting a visual presentation. As the business evolves it is necessary to get data from analysts to keep the numbers in control.

9. Teaching

Not only well-paid jobs in reputed sectors and respected places PGDM can also let a person keep in touch with academics.

Thousands of students from different educational backgrounds are pursuing PGDM nowadays and to train them efficiently a skilled and expert teacher is required. Universities often open vacancies for such posts.

People who want to teach students and stay near to academics can also teach students at different institutes where students are being prepared for the entrance exams of PGDM.

Not to mention to be a good fit in the profession one must be well-skilled and have efficient knowledge.

10. Promotions Within the Company

Pursuing PGDM is a wise decision for any professional who is seeking promotion and not getting it. A PGDM program will enhance the working skills of any working professionals.

Managerial skills of a PGDM student will help them to achieve a higher position within the existing company. One can also find better career opportunities out of the firm and explore them.

Final Take

Other than these career opportunities after completing PGDM, one can also go with the idea of entrepreneurship with acquired leadership, communication and problem-solving skills from their course. Other than different private-sector jobs many social and govt sector jobs are also available for students with PGDM degrees.


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